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Zig Zag Brochures

Oh the burden of designing a trifold brochure! They are one of my greatest challenges but a way to cram in TONS of copy into a brochure is a to a multi panel brochure with a Z fold. I have been a huge fan of doing it this way lately and as long as you work with the printer to make sure your  optimizing your paper, it wont cost you that much more.  These brochures are done for IMS, where I work right now. Check out xtop™ at myxtop.com. xtop™ is walk-up technology that seamlessly extends your smartphone communications and ‘personal cloud’ in front of you where ever you are. With xtop, you can surf the net, send and receive texts, IMs, emails and even make and receive calls directly through your netbook, laptop or desktop PC – anywhere.

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