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iLane Website Design

I had just posted some images from a corporate photo shoot I did with Re:Action Photography for iLane on my site just before this post. I wanted to show you guys how I worked in those images in the site. One of the great things about working in-house is that you get to work on the same brand day after day and you get to see the brand develop with time. For some, they would think this is torture, but I actually do love working on the iLane brand (amongst the other brands I work on for IMS as well). Since our sites launch about 3 years ago, we have reworked the website a few times. IMS had an agency who developed the back-end WordPress templates for this website and then I got to skin it. It can pose to be a challenge working with templates, but if you know what you are doing, you can do a lot with a website by simply swapping out backgrounds and working with banners. There are a lot of limitations but this site is a work in progress. Here is a design I did for iLane.com. Check it out live at www.iLane.com

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