Portfolio of Kitchener-Waterloo Based Graphic Designer James Prunean - Website, Print and Brand Identity Design


Flourish Florals Branding

I’ve been so busy lately with the new gig that I haven’t had a chance to upload anything on my blog lately but I am excited to be working with a previous client of mine Flourish Florals on refresh of her current site which I designed about a year and a bit ago. I always wanted to post it on here but didn’t get around to it but I definitely want to showcase what I think to be a cutting edge web design for a florist. Pam Salisbury from Flourish is extremely talented and doing well for herself. Her work is what I consider to be the next level of floral design, the haute couture of Kitchener-Waterloo region if I may. I worked with her on a few photo shoots for my invitation company OOXX Invitations. I hope to continue working with her in the future! She has proven to be a great individual to stay connected with in the community. Follow her on twitter here.

Check out her site here while you  still get a chance. We have a new one coming soon!