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IMS Photo Shoot

I’ve been with IMS for almost 6 years now and used a lot of stock photography here. A lot of the shots we used are driving shots as IMS is all about “Live Connected. Drive Connected.” I spent countless hours searching stock photo sites and exhausting every stock photo site I came across. I reached a point where I felt we weren’t getting what we needed from stock photos any more and I wanted to do our own stock photo shoot.

So I called up Scott McQuarrie from Re:action Photography to do this shoot for us. I had worked with Scott previously on another project for OOXX Invitations and I knew what a lighting genius he was and had no question that he had what it took to deliver what I wanted from the shoot. Here are some shots from the photo shoot I art directed a few weeks ago. Turned out awesome! This shoot showcases our product iLane.

Check out Re:Action Photography and give Scott a call if you guys find you need the same type of thing.

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