Portfolio of Kitchener-Waterloo Based Graphic Designer James Prunean - Website, Print and Brand Identity Design


Flourish Florals Branding

I’ve been so busy lately with the new gig that I haven’t had a chance to upload anything on my blog lately but I am excited to be working with a previous client of mine Flourish Florals on refresh of her current site which I designed about a year and a bit ago. I always wanted to post it on here but didn’t get around to it but I definitely want to showcase what I think to be a cutting edge web design for a florist. Pam Salisbury from Flourish is extremely talented and doing well for herself. Her work is what I consider to be the next level of floral design, the haute couture of Kitchener-Waterloo region if I may. I worked with her on a few photo shoots for my invitation company OOXX Invitations. I hope to continue working with her in the future! She has proven to be a great individual to stay connected with in the community. Follow her on twitter here.

Check out her site here while you  still get a chance. We have a new one coming soon!


Boutique Web Design

I’ve had the pleasure of working as a designer for Barebones Marketing out of Oakville, Ontario for over 5 years now. They often give me a lot of great clients to work with and recently we redid the website for a boutique in Downtown Oakville. This boutique has two stores under one umbrella. One specializes in high-end designer clothing for daytime and then the other branch sells elegant evening wear. We needed to showcase both their stores in one website. We open up with an intro page where you get to choose which store you want to enter and then both site follow the same grid/style but showcase what they specialize in. It was awesome to be able to work with such great photography as provided by the designers. Photo: Marc Cain Collection

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